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All Wool Footstool Kilim Pillow 

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This stunningly beautiful Moroccan pouffe is designed with white embroidery. This fabulous and attractive embroidery on the pouf like a moon in the dark sky. This rug pouf looks so beautiful that it makes your home and living a more beautiful place to live.

Dimensions : 24” x 24” x 8″ high  = 61 cm x 61 cm x 21 cm  high , this is dimensioned when its empty , it gets much bigger wen you stuff it )
Comes with strong plastic smooth zipper for your convenient, on the bottom

We like the personalities that mix up with other people easily. We also like the flavors that mix up soothingly with other flavors. In the same manner, there are colors that mix up with other colors so beautifully and gently that the look becomes mesmerizing and magnificent.

This decorative pillow has look exclusively beautiful and classic even in your playroom. The smiling bright faces of kids will glow up even more with these beautiful kilim poufs.

 This is unstuffed pouf , 

How stuff your pouf in less than 2 minutes at 0$ ? it took us 2 months to get you very very smart tips , Please copy this link and paste it on your search bar